Synthetic Hair Fiber

Really - What Is Synthetic Hair Fiber?

Synthetic hair is a fiber of human origin. There are different kinds of manufactured synthetic hair strands, for example, acrylic, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and connective. Not every synthetic fiber is equivalent to the same quality.
You can easily see the difference in the superior quality fiber of others by the amount of brightness in the fiber. Low-quality fibers are brighter in appearance and less realistic in texture and movement. The connection is the highest quality synthetic fiber available. All synthetic wigs and hairstyles from Wig Company brands are made with Connection synthetic fibers.
Synthetic fibers have many advantages, such as cost and maintenance. Synthetic hair fiber costs not exactly human hair, so it is a decent decision for the more low budget hair client. Wigs, hairstyles, and extensions made of synthetic fibers are pre-styled, which means that the curvature pattern and chunk-like style are permanently designed into synthetic hair.
This means that the style cannot be modified (not even with water) and will maintain its original form and shape through time.

Synthetic Hair Fiber Product Description:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 kg

Material Grade: Nylon E35

Usage: Synthetic Hair, Artificial Hair, Fishing Line, Sewing Thread, Zipper, Fabric & many more......

Type of fiber: 26" inch Hank Form

Denier Come: 0.07, 0.010. 0.012 to as above made as per order,

Suitable For Dyeing: Any colors can dye able.

Products Use For Making: Hair Extensions, Sangvita Hair, Hair Weaves, Customize Wigs and more.........

Packing: Standard 50kg bag made.